PROJECTS:  fund raising, organizing, curriculum and design development

Villa Academy

Working with students, teachers and staff, Outdoor Classroom Design and project partners Daniel Winterbottom and Ken Yocom, created a masterplan maximizing the educational potential of Villa Academy's 32 acre campus.  Students mapped the current conditions of the site and and proposed design interventions, while teachers blended place based teaching lessons with their own design ideas to generate both a physical plan and a curricular map for how to use the campus as a teaching tool for science, engineering and humanities.


Viewlands Elementary School

Outdoor Classroom Design has taken an active role
in re-opening this neighborhood school after four
years of closure. Working with staff and teachers
we've developed an 'Inspirational Master Plan' and
organized several fall events including an all school
bulb planting day and the creation of an entry garden.

We are currently working with the Viewlands
Elementary School
PTA, fund raising and outlining
plans for a school garden project for the spring.



Brighton Science Park

2006 Pro Parks Levy Project, we helped secure
$200,000 of funding for the design and construction
of a recreational space celebrating both recreation
and the appreciation of science.

Brighton Science park is the result of collaboration
between Aki Kurose Middle School students, teachers,
Seattle Parks, and the SEEDArts Program.

Jason Medeiros (lead designer, Outdoor Classroom Design)
led a six week design curriculum with two Aki Kurose
science classrooms that generated ideas for the park.


SBOC Bird and Butterfly Garden

Coordinated effort with neighborhood group Friends of Old Hay, the Family Science Program of the Institute for Systems Biology and several environmental non-profits to connect the SBOC Bird and Butterfly Garden to the Queen Anne community.

Organized weekend workshops for SBOC (Secondary Bilingual Orientation Center) students, parents and community covering bird house construction, composting, and native planting.

Created 'Habitat Explorer Kits' for classroom and community use, complete with observational tools, bird guides and tie-ins with environmental education curricula.



Ballard Preschool Co-op

Small space playground design with emphasis on
natural elements and creative play.  Constructed by
parents Summer 2011.


Guatemala Design/Build

University of Washington Department of Landscape Architecture

Outdoor Classroom Design's Jason Medeiros participated in a 2008 project led by the University of Washington to create courtyard space for a school in Guatemala City.  The 17 Participants held meetings with the students, families and staff of Safe Passage, an education non-profit serving one of the poorest sections of the city.

Design and construction were done in close to eight weeks, providing an outdoor classroom, stage, water feature and peace garden.


Our role is flexible as consultant or coordinator depending upon the needs of your PTSA or community group.  Contact us with inquiries about how to proceed with your outdoor classroom project!